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It’s all about flourishing, not floundering, with food

It’s all about flourishing, not floundering, with food

Your results are in! You have…

Mindful Adaptor

You’re a Mindful Adaptor, because food matters to you! 

And it’s not just about the taste.

You’re extremely interested in the food you eat, what it contains and where it’s come from. 

It’s super important to you that every morsel from your fork to your mouth is 100% right. 

Maybe you have specific dietary requirements or food intolerances, so keeping tabs on how you cook and what you eat is vitally important. Perhaps you’re committed to losing a bit of weight, so are carefully watching the content of the food you consume and portion sizes too…

Whatever your particular motivation, planning and keeping a close eye on things are on top of your list. And talking of lists, I’m guessing you love a good one – am I right? Precision and maintaining control over the food you eat are both important, because for you it really matters. 

Even the prospect of eating out can have the joy sucked out of it, because you’ve no idea whether there’ll be something on the menu you can even eat.

So often you’re stuck with ‘safe’ – another soup or salad. But you know life could be better than that!

I know that you want to enjoy cooking. But frankly, it can be hard work sometimes. You want to love cooking again, create beautiful food and be back in control. 

Which means you’ll stress less. And enjoy more…

“If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life”

– Louis Parrish

Hey! I’m Sam,

…and I can help 

10 years ago, I returned to the UK after a decade of living in Melbourne. During my time in Australia, I discovered a burgeoning café culture centred around fresh produce and individual choice, the rewards of becoming a Pilates instructor and a more holistic approach to wellness.

When I came home, I was determined to continue engaging with that better-balanced approach to life. ​

And that’s when I discovered Thermomix.

I’m someone who has always loved exploring – whether through travel, research or learning – and my shiny new Thermomix introduced me to a whole new world of food, enabling me to discover hundreds of delicious new dishes.

Today, I love nothing more than sharing that enduring sense of excitement and opportunity with people looking for something a little more from their mealtimes.

Everyone’s different. But everyone can enjoy the benefits that a Thermomix will bring to their life.

Success. Health. Control.

What Food means for you….

and how a Thermomix can help… 

For a Mindful Adaptor like you, your Thermomix will be your most trusted friend in the kitchen. It will give you back the control you need and help you carefully manage what you prepare and eat.

It instantly puts you in full control of your food needs.

Allergies, intolerances and weight management are all easily catered for with recipe adaption and ingredient filtering.

Having a Thermomix at your side will put the joy back into food and help you manage food and mealtimes your way – so you can finally eat the way you would like to.

What Next?

My free Facebook group is a fantastic place to start for a Mindful Adaptor like you!

In there, you’ll find plenty of recipe inspiration, connection and note-swapping with like-minded foodies, as well as personalised support from me to help you achieve your culinary dreams.

Just click below to join. See you in there!

Sam 💚

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